Age discrimination isn’t a real thing

February 11, 2015

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aaa replica designer handbags Other Pew surveys found that older adults replica chanel bags ebay who say they get news on social media engage with news on these platforms at similar rates as social media news consumers who are 18 to 29.Why would anyone think that people’s learning curve flatlines when they turn 50? Yet there’s real damage done when people assume that every older person is a tech illiterate.Not to state the obvious, but who do you think taught all those recent college graduates their tech skills? Someone older, of course.3. Older people are too sensitive.When a joke isn’t funny and wounds people, is it still a joke? No, it isn’t and the “just joking” defense rightly doesn’t fly with gender discrimination, sexual harassment, racism and the like.4. Age discrimination isn’t a real thing.Ageism may be the last bias left to be addressed. aaa replica designer handbags

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