Last year, thousands of Amazon workers in Europe held a strike

May 20, 2015

The women were looking for the alleged tunnels used to traffic children. All of this is an underground tunnel that helps take the kids and transport them back and forth so they can can do these rituals, said one of them. They are putting a lot of curses and spells over the city.

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canada goose uk outlet Earlier this year, diamond producer De Beers announced its intention to cooperate with conservation organisation, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) in the auditing of offshore biodiversity, the accurate mapping of threats to offshore biodiversity, and in support of the identification of a representative offshore marine protected area (OMPA) network.The company notes that, although some 10% of the world terrestrial area is under formal protection, less than 0,5% of the world oceans are formally protected.Although South Africa has taken a leading position in the establishment of OMPAs, with some 9% of its coastline fully protected, the distribution of these OMPAs is inclined towards the east coast and inshore areas.De Beers says that less than 1% of the area of South Africa exclusive economic zone is included in the OMPAs and the entire Namaqua bioregion, where the company marine mining operations take place, is without any formal marine spatial protection. Further, bio diversity is poorly understood in the offshore environment of South Africa.The company is mindful of the valuable role OMPAs can play in the holistic management of the health of South Africa oceans and is aware of its own role as a large corporate citizen, in realising international commitments to develop a global network of OMPAs and substantially increase the amount of marine area under formal protection to between 20% and 30% of each marine habitat by 2015.It also recognises that biodiversity conservation needs to be based on the best available science and recognises the contribution that offshore mining companies can make towards the auditing of offshore bio diversity.WWF Sanlam Living Water Partnership manager Dr Deon Nel expressed his support for this partnership: sound management of our oceans is dependent on an integrated ecosystem approach that not only balances the needs of the various sectors but also makes provision for the needs of future generations. De Beers has demonstrated strong leadership and commitment to the future of our oceans through this commitment canada goose uk outlet.