“My personal view is the change is an economic cost that has

June 8, 2015

[No more than 99,995 were old enough to vote, because I had brought five 17 year old high school seniors who were somewhere out in there in the mass of people, and who later told me they survived the long wait (three hours plus) for Obama by dancing in place. Music: Kanye West; U2; Earth, Wind and Fire. At that age they can dance even without externally produced music.

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canada goose clearance (Florida Python Hunters)In any case, state wildlife officials said, the goal of the hunt wasn’t just bagging https://www.canadagooseoutlet4online.com snakes, but also drawing attention to the havoc that pythons and other invasive species such as two large and greedy lizards, the black and white Argentine tegu and Nile monitor, as well as the Cuban tree frog wreak upon native wildlife in the Sunshine State.”The victory is in making people aware about invasive species,” Mazzotti said. “There are almost 140 species of introduced reptiles in Florida right now, any one of them waiting to be the next python.”We could be talking about Cuban tree frogs,” he added, “but who’s going to get excited about Cuban tree frogs?”Giant slithering pythons draw cameras, but hunters caught more bird egg and small game eating Argentine tegus during the state’s annual reptile and small game seasons for licensed hunters last year.”There are more non native lizards breeding in Florida than native lizards,” he said. “That’s nothing to be proud of.”It’s unknown how the Burmese, African, Indian and other species of pythons found their way into the Everglades.Biologists are almost certain that owners of exotic pets contributed to the nearly 140 invasive amphibians and reptiles living and breeding in the Everglades canada goose clearance.