Now go in your fridge and look for leftover veggies: snap peas

January 4, 2015

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I personally don’t find the “you just know” answers helpful when thinking about this for myself. What I think about is the fact that if you really like this girl, you just put your heart into it and see what happens. There is no point in being afraid of it not working out because all relationships have meaning and something to learn from them anyways.

Somewhere along the line though, something clicked in me and I realized that as a person with schizophrenia I have enough crazy in my life to begin with. Further, everyone has their own little quirks, their own insecurities and their own idiosyncrasies and right now I just don’t want to deal with another person’s load. It sounds selfish and it might be but for me to even think about a relationship I need to spend a good deal of time with someone over a long period to get familiar with their quirks..

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