Of my best friends are on the team

April 17, 2015

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I think it’s absolutely a guarantee that Luke would be knocked out if Bucky lands a couple solid shots with his metal arm. His skin is indestructible, but his organs aren’t. Bucky is also stronger. Taylor body was exhumed but tests were inconclusive about poison, not surprising given how long he been dead. This effectively killed off the Whig party and led to the foundations of the Republican party. People only voted for him because he was an extremely popular general in the Mexican War.

It was September 2, 2003, and the 60 76 Mets were just 25 games away from another failed season. But as the loyal Met fans that we are, my father and I decided to go to the game. So what was so special about this seemingly irrelevant game? Well, Danny Garcia was making his Major League debut.

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This is detrimental for a party looking to corner the government on issues of increasing violence against Dalits and women, but which is itself unwilling to take those categories seriously enough to give them a slice of decision making. Ironically, its adversaries, the BJP and even the Congress, have far more Dalits and women in decision making positions and doesn shy away from talking about identity publicly. This is a death knell for a party already struggling for credibility.