Our energy policies are largely run by the Cabinet and VP who

May 31, 2015

As for economy, the free market principles are good for generating economic growth. But without some government created redistribution of wealth, the rich and poor gap will grow bigger and bigger. Eventually it could affect the economic growth itself.

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uk canada goose We consider ourselves a God loving and Christian nation, yet we fail to ask “what would Jesus say or do”? Discourse and dailogue are viewed as a weakness by many. Our “was on terror” is being funded by the Chinese government (major lenders considering we run a massive deficit). Our energy policies are largely run by the Cabinet and VP who refuse to disclose any record under the guise of Presidential Priviledge, the President uses has bestowed unto himself the write to issue “Presidential signing statements” which he claims allows him to chose what laws to follow and/or enforce that Congress has passed and he has signed. uk canada goose

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