“Sexual harassment in the workplace can impair work

August 6, 2014

Even though harassment is now illegal, high powered bosses are still getting away with it, causingphysical, mental, and emotional ramifications that can’t just be swept under the rug.”Sexual harassment in the workplace can impair work productivity or undermine feelings of success or ability to succeed iphone 6 bunny case,” says Keri Moran Kuhn, associate director of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic Sexual Violence. If thebehavior is confined to unwanted comments, it may also cause fear about it escalating to assault or violence iphone case with stand, she says. And sexual assault and violence can lead to self blame, shame gold glitter iphone 6 case, eating disorders, and depression, she says.RELATED: 3 Real Women on What It’s Really Like to Stand Up to a GroperIndeed, sexual assault survivors are at an increased risk for mental health conditions like eating disorders, substance abuse, self harm kickstand case, and post traumatic stress disorder, according to the Rape, Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN).

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