THAT was all about the hormonal insanity of puberty and young

April 27, 2014

Whether it be through simple conversation or teaching them how to fight or avoid the evils that populate our world. Transfer of physical and thought processes are the only way your work in this life will succeed. What do you get when you plant potatoes? Hopefully not flowers.

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Raza take over.Good morning, everyone. Welcome to New York, if you are from out of town, like some of our colleagues here. Thank you to Anna, Olivia and John for giving me this opportunity to not only tell you something about the IMerge trial but also to introduce the subject of Myelodysplastic Syndromes and lay the background in which I would like for you to look at the efficacy of clinical trials of this drug in particular.So, I was telling Anna last night that in fact this is a slide which I show every new patient who comes to my clinic with a diagnosis of MDS, why because knowledge is power, once they start to understand what is it we are trying to do it makes so much more sense for them and they become they really own their disease and the treatment.So, the idea is of course that we find abnormality in the blood and we always look want to look at the bone marrow after excluding the obvious causes for having lower abnormal blood counts.

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