Tatratea (Coming Soon)

Tatratea is a tea-based herbal liqueur, made by Karloff and originated in the High Tatra Mountains. Its most-popular drink is Tatratea 52% Original with more than 500,000 bottles sold every year. It is a liqueur range composed of black & white teas, herbs and natural fruit extracts. The Tatratea product family offers 6 flavours, all differing in alcohol by volume.

Tatratea 22% Coconut

Tatratea 22% Coconut is the lowest alcohol content spirit of the whole Tatratea liqueur range.

Main Ingredients: Association of natural coconut extracts, light white tea

Appearance: Bright, Golden Colour

Tatratea 32% Citrus

Tatratea 32% Citrus is designed, according to Tatratea, for “soccer moms and an older crowd,”

Main Ingredients: Expression of lime and lemon flavours in a black tea-fruity liqueur

Tatratea 42% Peach & White

Tatratea 42% Peach and White is probably the sweetest liqueur of Tatratea range. A frequently used spirit in fruity cocktails.

Main Ingredients: Combination of white tea and natural peach extracts

Tatratea 52% Original

Tatratea 52% Original is the brand original expression. A best-seller with more than 500 000 bottles sold every year in Europe.

Main Ingredients: Concentrate from herbs, premium black tea and raspberries fruit essences

Tatratea 62% Forest Fruit

Tatratea 62% Forest Fruit is a stronger recipe of Tatratea 52% Original with mixed-berry sweetness.

Main Ingredients: Concentrate fortified with premium black tea and forest fruit flavours

Tatratea 72% Outlaw

Tatratea 72% Outlaw is the same composition as the 52% but with less sugar and more alcohol in it.

Main Ingredients: Enriched by extracts from cinchona